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Artykuły autorstwa hotmailcontact

Some easy shortcuts useful managing hotmail account
Napisał: hotmailcontact
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Hotmail is world famous mail platform that is used by millions of users worldwide. Even though it exists since years but since then it has been a leading mail platform for both professional and personal mail exchange. It has established efficient communication from years and this approach of hotmail makes it stay as a mail platform leader among its customer so far. Each day they worked to make it better and soon hotmail become to be a leader in mail services. Hotmail is surely customer platform and it is so widely used because it is flawless, helpful and error free but still if in any case user face any issues using their own hotmail account platform they may obtain easy help from Hotmail helpline number anytime.

Hotmail in itself is easy to use and user friendly platform but to make it better and easier hotmail supports various shortcuts for its users and some of them are

Moving between - While you wish to move between inbox, calendar, contacts etc. with easy shortcuts use Ctrl + 1 and Ctrl + 2.

Add signature - To quickly insert your signature in the mailbox. Add it to Alt + n and then after typing "as" press Enter.

Quickly reply to email - If you want to write a reply with shortcut press Ctrl + R and it will open a reply page to enter message.

Switching to calendar view - Click Alt + R to switch to the same week.

Forward an email - With Click Alt + W to you can forward an email.

Start the Send / Receive process - With Ctrl + M + F9 you can quickly open and receive process.

Decline a meeting - Copy and Paste, with Ctrl + C & Ctrl + Vwith the original meeting and keep the copy.

Sending an email - With Alt + S you can quickly send an email.

Go to date - With Ctrl + G you can directly get to "Go to date" dialog box. With this can also jump to any date.

When you know these easy shortcuts things get better and easier on your outlook. All these shortcuts are worth knowing and using on hotmail but in case if user face any issues using these shortcuts on hotmail it is possible to obtain easy help from Hotmail phone number


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