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How do I change my Yahoo account password?
Autor: James   
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Yahoo Mail is a very popular mail service available worldwide. You can use it to send and receive emails. Yahoo advises its users to change Their password on a regular basis. Regular Yahoo users face no problem while doing so. Changing the password is quite easy and requires no extra work and knowledge. Beginners face some problems while doing so and ask the question: How do I change my Yahoo account password?

If you too fall in a similar category here is a detailed process that help you to change your Yahoo account password quite easily. Just go through the process mentioned below to change the password on PC, Android, and iOS device.

How to change Yahoo password on PC?

In order to change Yahoo password on PC just perform the Following steps:

·         Open on your browser.

·         Log in to your Yahoo account.

·         Hover over the gear icon, and then click on the settings link.

·         Click on the Yahoo Account Info button.

·         Click on the link Account Security.

·         Click on the button Change password.

·         Enter your new password twice and click on the continue

·         A confirmation notifying Appears That you your password has been changed successfully.

·         Clicking on the Continue button changes your password successfully.

This password can be used now to access your account. This password needs to be updated on the Outlook and Thunderbird e-mail client applications

How to Change Yahoo Email Password on IOS Device?

Yahoo offers a free app for iOS devices. It supports all the major IOS devices, like the iPad, and iPhone. You can use the Yahoo app is a change email password on the iPhone and iPad. This is the meat, just perform the actions mentioned below.

·         Open Yahoo app.

·         Make sure you are logged into your app.

·         Tap to open the sidebar.

·         Scroll to the bottom and tap on the Account Info button.

·         On the personal screen tap again to bring out the menu and select Account Security.

·         Tap on the button Change Password.

·         Enter the password twice.

·         Your password is successfully changed.

This update on all the password you use for accessing Yahoo Mail.

How to change Yahoo password on Android?

Changing the password on the Android Yahoo is also quite easy. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to change your Yahoo password on Android in no time:

·         Open Yahoo app and log into your app if you are not already logged in.

·         Tap on the menu button and browse it Account Info button and tap on the same.

·         Again bring out the menu tab and tap on the Account Security option tab.

·         Tap on the button Change password.

·         Input the password twice, it successfully change the password.

Following These steps, you can quite easily change Yahoo email password on different devices. Choose any of the steps to change the Yahoo mail password based on the device you own.

While using Yahoo mail, you come across some small problem. Irrespective of the complexity of the issue, feel free to give a call on Yahoo contact number and get the issue fixed instantly by the experts. 24 7 support is provided to make sure That the issue is fixed soon as you come across the same. 

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