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Gmail Account is not working on Android, iPhone
Autor: wts spencer   
Thursday, 20 April 2017
Gmail is an easy-to-use app designed by Google. It allows users access Their inbox is instantly via Their Mobile devices. Gmail app users enjoy 15 GB of free storage. Multiple account support, less organized inbox and spam are some other features offered by Gmail app. However, slow loading of the app or app not working are some of the common issues related with Gmail. Users face a problem in accessing Their account from mobile devices. Concentrates this post on the same issue providing solutions for Android and iOS device.

Gmail Account not working on Android Devices

If your phone is working on the Android operating system, here is what you need it for when Gmail app does not work:

Update the Gmail app to the latest version.

Remove the Gmail account from the app and add it again to see if it worked.

Clearing the cache app can also help resolve the issue. These steps to follow to so. Go to the Settings menu and click on Apps or Application (whatever your device shows.) From the list of the apps, select Gmail. Click on "Storage" and then click on "Clear Cache" option. You can also click on "Clear Data" is remove the locally stored data. The steps to clear the cache and data might vary from device to device. So, find the option in your device.

Reinstall the Gmail application.

The final option is "Factory Reset." Before proceeding for the option, do not forget to back up your data.
If These options does not work, technical help find the problem for you. You will find reference for Gmail technical support at the end of this post.

Gmail Account not working on iOS Devices

If your Gmail app is not working on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, follow the steps below:

Try to send or receive mails through other email account (if you have) on your device.

Remove your account from the device and add it again.

If the second option does not work, your Gmail account has a problem and you need to re-verify your iPhone's client access. For this it is Safari and sign in to Gmail. Click on this link and click "Continue." Now try to access your account. 

In both cases if the above-Prescribed suggestions do not help you, you get Technical Support Gmail from Google or any third party service provider. Third party email providers offer quick support and practical solutions for your problems. Get in touch anytime through Gmail toll-free help number. These firms offer 24 hour 7 days and service so that you 'work does not stop.

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