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Quickbooks Tech Support Phone Number 1844-762-3952
Autor: gisellesmith   
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

QuickBooks offers you several facilities to work on it and sometimes you might face few errors related to refund which is essential for you as there is a wrong entry in the account by mistake. To reverse the entry in the accounts you are required to just follow the steps which are provided below. In any case, while following the steps if you face some error, then no need to worry as you can have the assistance from QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number where certified experts will assist you in resolving the issue without any kind of a hassle and with an accurate answer.

Steps on how to reverse a credit in QuickBooks:

Please note:    

Well, this is not an easy process of reversing the entry in the accounts and it won’t help you that much and it is suggested to you that in place of reversing the entries in your accounts you just delete those entries and renter them from the beginning. Even then you want to reverse it then just follow the steps below-

1.     To start the process you will be required to Login to your QuickBooks Company’s accounts dashboard.

2.     After that, you have to just click on the customer’s tab which can be found from the main navigation menu.

3.     Now you need to choose the customer center from the drop-down window.

4.     After the previous step, you can see a different window Appeared over here and then you just have to click on the  Customer: Job

5.     Now in this step, you  have to  pay for the credit you want.

6.     After completing the previous step you have to click on customer open the window and here you can see the  lists of all the transactions related to That Particular customer.

7.     Now you have to click on the  credit memo tab which you to to delete.

8.     After choosing any of the options from the above-provided options you will be asked to  confirm  your action and then you just have to click on yes and proceed further Top.

9.      Finally, you have to save your credit on "how to reverse a credit in QuickBooks".

Now you must be able to see the entries in accounts. If the issue still persists then you have another option for you in the form of  QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number  where you will be assisted by the certified professionals in resolving the issue without any kind of a hassle and in a short span of time.

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