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Madden Mobile 18 is now available - 2017/09/14 09:19 Zaloguj się aby wysłać post. 

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Madden Mobile can play American football anytime, anywhere and further surprising mode. Enough capital is under the premise of Madden Mobile building a decent team, we will accumulate enough Madden mobile Coins to buy our favorite player card. In order to do this, we need to set a small goal in advance, when we step by step to achieve this goal, we will one day will reach our ultimate goal.

Madden Mobile 18 is now available on iOS and Android platforms. Madden NFL 18 released Xbox One and PlayStation on August 25. 4. If you want something more than standard, you can choose G.O.A.T. version, including MUT package, suit, jersey and contract.

In Madden Mobile's latest patch, there is a lot of unprecedented improvements, one of which promises to rewrite your ongoing game of building a dream team. Previously, everything you did was to get the legendary players: gold and first, then the elite, when you could catch them. If finished, Tom Brady was named a little higher than Aaron Rogers, Aaron sorry, but Brady was in the lineup.

When you enter Madden Mobile, you will get 400 coins to start your journey, but the game will prompt you to use these Buy Madden Mobile Coins for the Madden NFL Starter Pack. However, starting from the coin, you will have to start from scratch, the game will take you to complete a series of tutorial challenges, not only can teach you how to play and each mode can provide, but also give Madden mobile coins to complete the challenge

Do not addicted to packaging gambling. In any case lure new pro pack bundles look, the result is that you will eventually lose the coin at the end of the day. EA desperately wants you to spend money, so they will try to seduce you, but it is important to keep calm. The main reason is the very rare packaging, and it is difficult to profit from, unless you are pulling the elite of everyone.

To buy Madden Mobile Coins, is your best choice! Continue to follow us up to the time Madden Mobile news and guides!
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