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All you need to know about that Danish jewellery brand and its India story. Started for a family run jewellery buy in Copenhagen in 1982, the Danish brand Pandora is today globally known for its high-quality pieces and great workmanship. Each design passes throughout the hands of skilled craftspeople, goldsmiths that will stone setters, to pandora disney sale create hand-finished jewellery in silver, 14 carat gold along with a rose metal blend.

Talking about bringing Pandora to India, that effervescent sisters get talking about new collections, challenges and the fact that all that glitter does not end up being gold. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to bring to India, one of the most recognised and loved jewellery brands in the world. Pandora inspires women worldwide to embrace their individuality and have the opportunity to pandora charms clearance express their own own and unique styles. We hope every lovely women enjoys the various collections just as much as we enjoy wearing it. The launch of the first store in India coincided while using launch of the new Do Campaign. Do isn’t just two letters at the heart of our brand title Pandora, it is a belief we share along with our consumers, to perform things differently, be diverse and live differently.

The affordable luxury segment in the jewellery industry is nonetheless unexplored in India, and our brand is often a breath of fresh air conditioning that presents trendy styles and hand-finished products. The cornerstone of Pandora will be popular customisable charm bracelet. This offerings also include superb rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. It also gives women the opportunity youngster should be pandora essence bracelets wear designer jewellery having ethically sourced materials.

The Pandora India story was eighteen months in the making. Most people had the pleasure involving visiting the corporate company in Copenhagen, the regional office with Dubai and attend his or her global conference to find out more on the faces and methods behind the brand in addition to visit different concept merchants in various cities. Eventually, the process of placing your signature to was very quick and pandora necklaces the biggest challenge we faced was the quantity of information that came at us from a short spell of time period and consequently implementing in addition to creating multiple systems in the area to mirror the global operations for your first store’s launch.
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